Sunday, December 8, 2013

Growing Out a Pixie Cut

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair, as I'm pretty sure all women do.  Over the past, five years I've bounced around between pixie cuts, inverted bobs, chin-length bobs, and shoulder length cuts - growing it out, chopping it off, and thus repeating the cycle.

Here's a year in review for my hair.  This might serve as a helpful guide for those of you that are trying to grow out a pixie or looking for ideas to style those in-between awkward styles.

I started off with shoulder length hair.  (Long enough to put in a pony tail.)  

At that point I was tired of the daily pull it back in a pony tail routine, so I opted for a long pixie.  The long bangs and hair around the ears ended up driving me nuts because my hair is naturally sort of wavy/curly and needed to be straightened daily.  What I thought would be less work ended up being more work.  

So instead of being patient and letting my hair grow out, I decided to opt for a quick fix and cut it even shorter.  (This is a picture of P and I on the way to a Blackhawks game if you're wondering about the hair accessory.)

Here's a picture of me pouting because I was frustrated with styling my hair.  Now - let me give my disclaimer here.  There have been times that I have had pixie cuts and LOVED them.  I just continually struck out with hair stylists giving me pixies in Tucson.  My hair had grown out slightly here that I could rock a kind of messy, semi-curly look. 
After that we grew into about this lovely awkward stage.  It was REALLY hard to get a straightener to work on hair that short. 

From there I was able to grow my hair over my ears and work toward a bob-esque do. 
Still working toward a bob - finally got my hair over my ears just as we moved back to Iowa. 
Once my hair grew over my ears I was able to start wearing it curly again. 
Finally getting into more of a style!  I was able to have some cute layers put in.  
Long enough to straighten and rock a half-back style with a bit of a french braid. 

... Annnnddd here we are now.  A chin length bob with slightly stacked back and recently added blonde balayage highlights. 
Here's the curly picture of the grown out pixie. 

Hope this gives you a guide to help you grow out your pixie!   Good luck! 


  1. how long did it take you to get from your shortest pixie to a chin length bob?

  2. Hi Mariah! I think my hair was at it's shortest point around January, was at the bottom of my ears around July and was chin length around October or November.