Saturday, November 9, 2013

"Killer Breakfast" Vampire Doughnut Tutorial

So, clearly this post is a little late, but hey... I've been busy! 

Since I work at a school/ residential treatment facility for adjudicated male youth, the students that I work with don't get to see their families very frequently.  This fact really seems to affect the boys around holidays, so, some of the other staff and I like to do something to make the holidays a little more special. 

First, I do NOT take credit for this idea.  I ran across a picture showing a similar doughnut idea while I was scrolling through Pinterest (as I do more frequently than I would like to admit) posted by a cute little blog called Lovezilla.  Check it out for a billion cute ideas. 

Here's my take on how to make these "killer" little doughnuts. 

-plastic vampire teeth, 1 per doughnut (I purchased mine for 20 cents a piece at a local pop-up Halloween shop) 
-plain M&Ms (I used green and red ones) 
-glazed doughnuts (I picked up a few boxes of the simple glazed yeast doughnuts from Walmart)

Honestly, this is the simplest fun treat you will ever make. 

1. Grab a doughnut
2. Stick some vampire teeth in the hole of the doughnut
3. Add M&M eyeballs
4. Take to your students and enjoy!

Take a peek at how mine turned out!!!

Now, yes... I know I teach students between the ages of 12 and 19, but they still enjoy a little bit of holiday whimsy and a chance to eat some junk food for breakfast. 


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