Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Adventures and Design on a Dime

A snapshot from my Monday night walk with Patrick and Iroh.  There isn't a thing that I don't love so far about living in Des Moines.
Let's just say I LOVE the fact that this weekend was a long weekend!  I was able to get ahead with my lesson planning, finish some decorating and DIY projects, spend some time with friends, and relax a bit with Patrick.  What could be better?

A bit of motivation for finishing a few decorating and DIY projects was the fact we had some friends coming over on Saturday for a Labor Day weekend grill-out.  Plus, the more time I have away from work usually means at some point I'm going to start tinkering with some sort of DIY project.  Amazingly, I've found that Des Moines literally the best junk/vintage/antique/found object stores I have ever seen.  I'm pretty thrilled with the way our new house is becoming a home.  Take a virtual tour of some of my favorite parts.  

My pretty little workspace in the office with a DIY dry erase memo board above it made from wrapping paper purchased from RSVP in Iowa City and a discount frame from Michael's.  Table: Pier 1 as-is clearance, desk calendar: Anthropologie, Pug book ends: T.J. Maxx, lamp: Target.
Our little library.  The books look like they're placed randomly, but they're actually organized (somewhat) into categories.  I like how the pops of color of the bindings gave me the opportunity to add just about any color to the room.  Bookshelves: IKEA.
A cozy reading nook in the office, complete with pillows, an ancient chair that I picked up years ago from Artifacts in Iowa City, and Sheldon, my stuffed otter that Patrick picked out for me at the Phoenix Zoo.  The breeze and the natural light from the window makes it a pretty comfy place to curl up and read a book... or write a blog post. 

A DIY chalkboard art project.  My inspiration came from My Vintage Window's perfect "imperfect" tutorial "How I Letter In Chalk".  I used a chalkboard marker for sharper detail.  Chalkboard marker: Michael's, Frame: World Market.
The "bigger picture" of where I displayed the chalkboard art.  Also, Patrick and I thought it was fitting to set up a cabinet to showcase the rest of our wedding wine.  Liquor cabinet: Target. 
What happens when Hobby Lobby has 50% off all their lanterns?  You make terrariums!  We picked up some small succulents at the Des Moines Farmers market and added some dried moss and rocks around the bottom to hide the plastic pots. 
The "bigger picture" with our couch, coffee table, and map.  Polka dot pillows: IKEA, brown pillows: Pier 1 clearance, sofa: LazyBoy coffee table: IKEA, wall art: World Market with added hearts created using a heart shaped paper punch and white card stock.  (Ignore Patrick's computer cable.)   
A few finishing touches in the living room.  I love our tiny little cloche and plant (yes, it's real) from Seed.  The glass jar was a steal found at Found Objects (East Village) with faux moss from Hinge (Valley Junction), a letter "T" wooden letter press block from Vintage No. 35 (Valley Junction) and river pebbles from Target. 
One of my newest obsessions- fairy gardens.  This cute container was found at Earl May.  We added some polished rocks Patrick found in the desert when we lived in Tucson.  Can you spot the little gnome hiding in there? 
Patrick and I had TONS of Polaroid pictures from our wedding and I had been looking for a good way to display them.  After a trip and some inspiration from Vintage No. 35 in Valley Junction, we have some "artwork" that anyone can find something to comment about.  Metal grate: Vintage No. 35, Vintage postcards, game pieces and grocer's tags: Vintage No. 35, Clothes pins: Walmart. 

It seems like every time Patrick and I move, we find that the average bathroom has one towel rod.  Let's get real.  If two people are using that bathroom, how are your towels going to dry if you have one towel rod?  Instead of installing a towel rod that wouldn't match the first one, we opted for this guy a towel "hanger" found (on sale) at World Market. 
...And this was by FAR my favorite DIY project we've done in the house so far - a vintage ladder with hanging lanterns.  A few weeks ago, Patrick and I walked into an expensive home decor store that shall remain unnamed and spotted a rustic ladder hanging above one of their display tables.  We fell in love with the look, but the price was out of the question.  We took the inspiration and created a similar look for about 1/5 of the price.   Vintage Ladder: Vintage No. 35 (cut down to size), Eye hooks and rope: Home Depot, lanterns: Hobby Lobby (50% off!), candles and dried moss: Hobby Lobby.  Didn't Patrick do a great job tying those different knots?  I love the light fixture feel this project created above our table.  I can't wait to redecorate it for autumn and winter. 

Well, there you have it!  A few of the projects we've completed with the house so far.   I can't wait to add more as we complete them!  Relax and enjoy the last few hours of your Labor Day weekend!  

Happy Crafting!  

Hopefully your weekend was as relaxing as Iroh's! 

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