Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Library Log and Self Edit Teaching FREEBIES

Ahhh... life as a second year teacher.  I will say that the start of this year has been A LOT easier than the start of my first year teaching.  I certainly feel more organized and prepared as I walk into the classroom each day, however, being a young teacher still means that you lack the wealth of materials that you accumulate as the years go by.  That said, I have been creating TONS of worksheets, printables, and guides for each classes.  Below are links to two FREEBIES that will hopefully help you out in your classroom as well! 

The first is a bird themed classroom library check-out list.  I plan to print a bunch of these and place them in a binder in my classroom library.  Hopefully this well help me have the ability to hold the students accountable for returning our classroom library books in a timely manner AND it will help keep our library a little more organized.  I hope you find the same!  Grab your free copy from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The second FREEBIE is a generic self-editing list appropriate for a variety of grade levels and composition projects.  I have found that when I ask my students to self edit their work before turning it in, they do not check their work thoroughly.  This self-editing list includes a variety of errors to look for as well as a box where students are required to check, indicating they deem their paper free of any errors in that category.  I explained to my students that these check marks are almost like a contract where the student agrees that they have edited their paper to the best of their ability and the are prepared to receive whatever grade he is assigned.  Pick up your free copy from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

If you enjoyed your freebies, make sure you leave some kind feedback on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 

Enjoy the start of the school year!  Happy Teaching!

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