Monday, August 26, 2013

Finally Home

Iroh became our official hotel pillow and bed tester.  I think we have some issues with manners that need to be worked out...
Although this is a rather belated blog post, Patrick and I made it safely to Iowa.  We opted to drive through Colorado and Nebraska instead of retracing the steps we took on our move to Arizona last year through Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.  I will admit, driving through Colorado and Nebraska was DEFINITELY the better decision.  The mountains were beautiful, we got to spend some time with friends along the way, and we enjoyed each and every one of our stops -even though we both were experiences some strange cold/flu/allergy/ likely stress induced illness. 

New Mexico!  We were finally out of Arizona.  Our first stop was Albuquerque, NM where we spent the night, then enjoyed Starbucks with our amazing friend Emma. 
Hooray for Colorado!  Stop #2 was Denver.  If we didn't know that we were heading home, I think we both would have been happy to stay in Denver.  The town was beautiful, people were friendly, and we even found a place to get some awesome coffee. 
The next state was Nebraska.  We were scheduled to spend the night in Omaha, but decided to drive straight through to Des Moines, instead.  Poor Nebraska gets such a bad reputation for being a boring state to drive through, but I still maintain that driving through Kansas was far, far worse. 
Annnnndddd a hot mess picture of the Iowa state boundaries sign.  The picture ended up looking so terrible partially because I was bouncing  up and down and partially because our cat was clawing my legs. 
Once we arrived, we were lucky enough to have family able to help us unload our Pod.  (Thank goodness we were able to unload the pod faster than it took to load it!)  We enjoyed a quick lunch of burritos from Pancheros, which tasted amazing after not having them for a year, then the unpacking frenzy began.  After arriving on Thursday, nearly everything was unpacked by the time we started work on Monday. 

Stay tuned for more posts about our new jobs, our exploration of the Des Moines area, and making our new house a home. 

The view from our new living room!  No mountains, but it certainly looks like home. 
Iroh enjoying his new view. 
One of the first nights we were back I met up with the girls to get some Crab Rangoon pizza at Fong's downtown.  It feels so good to be back with friends- and friendly strangers!  Kudos to the friendly dude who offered to snap our picture - and the gentleman in the back with the epic photo bomb. 


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