Friday, July 26, 2013

Why We Chose a HUGE Head Table

Our head table          Photo: Misty Como at Focused Photography
When Patrick and I were planning our wedding, I was a bit at a loss.  I hadn't attended a lot of weddings, so I didn't have much for a frame of reference about traditional weddings.  The more I researched about wedding tradition, the more the norm just didn't really seem to fit with what we pictured our wedding to be like.  Designing the head table was no exception. 

At every wedding my husband and I had both been to, the head table was up front highlighting the couple as they ate.  That was a little uncomfortable to me.  I mean... seriously? You want to watch me as I eat my dinner?  Nothing exciting is going on there.  Plus I felt it was a little awkward to not let couples sit together.  Since we had a fairly large wedding party and almost everyone had dates, it would have made a lot of people uncomfortable if they were not able to dine with whomever they came to the wedding with. 

Patrick and I opted to have a large, double-sided head table.  When I tried to explain it to the person that was helping us set up tables at our venue he more than made it clear that he thought the idea was a little weird.  We went with it anyway and I am certainly glad we did.  The conversation at the head table was a lot livelier than I had ever seen at the other weddings we attended and everyone was comfortable.  We were eating comfortably surrounded by all of our friends - what more could you ask for? 

The head table seated during the best man speech
The head table seated during the father of the groom speech.

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