Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Visiting "Home" and the Moving Countdown

Patrick holding some peas fresh from the garden on his Mom's farm.  Mmmm...

Last week Patrick and I had the opportunity to travel back to the Midwest for a number of reasons.  First, my niece was being baptized and we were asked to be godparents, second, my husband and I needed to find some housing, and third I had a JOB INTERVIEW.  (Exciting, right?)  So we made a quick trip back to the Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota area. 

"Beer is food" indeed.  We were able to meet a few of our friends in Des Moines for a tasty meal at Court Avenue Restaurant and Brewing Company after looking at properties to rent.  I could get used to eating here!

...And we had just enough time to stop at our favorite frozen yogurt place in Iowa City - Dane's Dairy.
We are incredibly excited about our new place in Grimes and I think the job interview went pretty well.  I'm waiting with fingers crossed that I'll hear good news by the end of the week! 

Elphie has finally forgiven me for taking her to the boarding kennel and she's ready to cuddle for a bit.
I was excited to pick up Iroh and Elphie from the boarding kennel today.  They must have had a good time because they have been pooped out for the entire day.  I think I know how they feel. 

Iroh has been one tired boy all day today.  Hopefully that means he had a lot of fun at the kennel while we were gone. 
Well - let the count-down begin - just about 3 weeks until we're moving into our new place in Grimes! Who wants to help us unload when we get there? 

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