Monday, July 22, 2013

One Year Later

Happy one year anniversary to my amazing husband!
The pod is finally loaded... and there is literally nothing in our apartment.  It looks like the cat, dog, and I are going to be pretty bored for the next 9 days until we start our trip back home.

We were really lucky that my husband's family was able to help us load the pod.  Otherwise it would have taken FOREVER!  Our pod was 8x8x16 and it was packed almost to the brim.  I guess we forgot last year when we moved we had no furniture...  It took a lot of finagling, but I think everything is finally secure.  My body and my brain hurt by the time we were done.

A picture of our pod right after delivery.  The loading and unloading system is pretty ingenious! 
After loading the entire day on Saturday, we finally decided to complete the last two loads on Sunday.  Since the pod is a little inconvenient to place in one of the coveted parking spaces near the apartment, we had to put it at the end of the parking lot, load the vehicles, and drive the boxes down to the pod.  Usually someone would ride on the tailgate of my husband's truck to make sure we wouldn't lose anything on the way.  We loaded the last few items into the truck while it started to sprinkle and we were hoping we wouldn't get more than a few drops.  We were wrong.  About halfway down the parking lot those sprinkles turned into a full fledged monsoon downpour and I was drenched.  Patrick ended up pulling into a covered spot at the end of the parking lot where we waited an hour until the rain finally stopped.  Luckily all of the items in the truck were lawn chairs, patio furniture, and bikes - all items that can get wet without being damaged.

Me after being completely drenched by the rain on the last trip to the pod.
Saturday was also our anniversary so we didn't necessarily celebrate in the traditional sense, but what is better than spending the day with your husband surrounded by family that was there at your wedding?  Plus we're loading everything we own so we can move back home.  I think it sounds like a pretty great way to honor our first year of marriage.  Besides, the day before our wedding last year we loaded everything into a U-Haul so we could leave the day after our wedding to move to Arizona.  Maybe in a few years we'll find ourselves not moving on our anniversary again.

A picture of the cake topper I created for our wedding last year. 
Saturday morning Patrick and I were able to open our wooden box from our wedding.  I referenced our wooden box in my post about my dad.  (You can read about it here.)  As a brief explanation, our wooden box was an idea that I saw online and my dad created for us with some adaptations.  The general idea is that my dad crated this beautiful oak box with space inside for letters and a bottle of wine.  Before our wedding, Patrick and I wrote letters to each other, which we placed in the box during our ceremony (kind of in lieu of a sand ceremony or a unity candle.  My thinking was honestly, what am I going to do with those after the wedding?)  My dad also created a space to put a bottle of wine that we would drink on our first anniversary.  I am so glad we decided to go with the wooden box.  This year we had it placed on a table in our bedroom so I got to see it every day and once Saturday rolled around I was so excited to open our letters.  We opened them right away in the morning before we packed the box.  When Patrick handed me mine he confessed that he had re-written his letter.  Before the wedding, he had been too stressed to write a letter that included everything he wanted to include so he re-wrote the letter three days ago, back-dated it to 07/17/2012, placed it in an envelope and put it in the box.  I did get to see what he had written last year - a list of some of the items he wanted to include in the letter that had been so difficult to write.  It is true, though, in the hustle of everything before the wedding, it's hard to clear your mind enough to think of exactly everything that you want to say.  I wasn't upset that he had re-written the letter, but it was classic Patrick to try to make sure everything was just right before I saw it and a reminder of another reason why I love him so much.  We've decided to write letters to each other and purchase a new bottle of wine every year to continue the wooden box tradition.

A few of the items we kept in our wooden box, including our letters and wine. 

After the day was over, we ordered some Dominos and enjoyed our bottle of wine.  The only dishes we opted to not pack were the plastic two-person set in our picnic basket, complete with two little plastic wine glasses.  We were getting a kick out of "clinking" the glasses together.

"Clinking" our plastic glasses together.
Sunday evening we did have a chance to drive around for a bit and enjoy some of the scenic parts of Tucson again before we leave.  I snapped a through shots as we were driving through Saguaro National Park and we even saw a little wildlife.  

Photo taken in Saguaro National Park

Photo taken in Saguaro National Park 

Can you spot the deer in this picture?  Sorry for the blurriness... I had to zoom in and increase the color intensity to make the deer more visible. 
Now I'm off to clean the apartment to make sure everything is spotless for the next tenants.  You would not believe how many dust bunnies, or clumps of cat fur, there are in your apartment until you move all the furniture.  I'm excited I get to enjoy my beautiful flowers and pumpkin scented candle from my husband.  I created a mixed pack of beer for him last week and he made me promise we wouldn't get each other anything else for our anniversary.  What a stink to go and get me something anyway.  I'm in love with these light lilac daisies though!

Anniversary gifts from the best husband ever.
Have a great day!  

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