Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just a few... more... boxes... and another teaching FREEBIE

There are just a few boxes left to back... and this is the second teaching document I've created today.  Can you tell I'm procrastinating?  Plus the apartment is growing less and less exciting the more items I have to throw in boxes.

I guess this just goes to show that when you add Katie waiting for an interview with avoiding more packing and utter boredom because almost all of her possessions are stowed away you get more items on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Lucky you, because this one is a funky little freebie to use while teaching your kiddos how to ask good questions while reading.

I found that working with my second grade kiddos the art of asking good questions needed to be a little more... developed... and thinking back on it, some of my high school students could have benefited from a mini-lesson/reminder, too.  Hey!  It's an important reading strategy!  (Or what I like to tell my students an activity that "good readers do.")

This freebie includes reminders about why readers should ask questions and how to ask good questions as well as an interactive portion where students are asked to ask a question before reading, during reading, and after reading as well as answer their question to show their mastery of the topic.

This activity would be great during literature centers for students in middle to upper elementary grades, middle school students, and appropriate in even some high school courses as well. Don't forget- the vibrant design makes it fun to post in your classroom or display on your overhead projector with an example that students can reference.

Enjoy this freebie!  Don't forget to send me some feedback and tell me how it goes!

There is a preview picture below and a link to my Teachers Pay Teachers page where you can download a copy for yourself!  :)

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