Thursday, July 18, 2013

Getting Organized

While I wait to hear back about the results of my job interview, I can't help but start to want to prepare for the classroom that I may end up getting.  (My fingers are still crossed.)  One item that I wanted to adapt from last year was an organizational binder.  It's just so much easier having all of that information in one place, being able to flip to the correct tap and viola!  The info you need is right there! 

So, with the help of some ADORABLE NinjaWoman graphics, I made this whimsical woodland organizational binder, complete with everything you need to keep yourself organized throughout the year.  Plus, it's suitable for any age and subject!  

This 49 page document includes:

Class information divider
Daily schedule sheet
2 hour delay schedule sheet
Early dismissal schedule sheet
Half Day Schedule sheet
Class roster sheet (made to print multiples)
Seating chart (made to print multiples)
Lesson plan divider
Monthly calendars
Weekly plan outline sheets (made to print multiples)
Student information divider
Student birthdays sheets
Important medical info sheet
IEP at a glance sheet (made to print multiples)
ELL at a glance sheet (made to print multiples)
Parent contact info divider
Student log-in info sheet
Parent contact info divider
Parent contact info sheet
Parent contact log sheet
Common core divider
Standardized testing scores and data divider
Standardized testing scores sheet (made to print multiples)
Reading level sheet
Teacher info divider
Important contact info sheet
Teacher log-in info sheet
Professional development notes divider
Meeting notes sheet (made to print multiples)
Professional evaluation divider 

The best part is you can print only the portions that you need.  Lucky you, blog readers!  You get an extended preview!  If you see what you like, hop on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and pick up your own copy!

Let me know how you like it!

Happy teaching!

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