Monday, July 22, 2013

Classy Cards - FREEBIE business card templates for teachers

As a child I thought one of the coolest aspects to being an adult and professional was having your own business cards and the cards I presented during interviews last year were... let's just say boring.  Or utilitarian?  I suppose utilitarian is a better way to put it.  This year I wanted a business card that would stand out a little more.  I'm kind of quirky - it's OK for my business card to show that, right?  At least I think so.  So here is a link to some editable little cards for yourself.   After interviews, why not change the cards up a bit and add your school contact info and hand them out to parents at the beginning of the year?

Here's a sample:

You can pick up your copy of the document here.

Let me know what you think!


Credit Shout-out:

Thank you to The Hazel Owl for the cute apple graphics.  Check out her other adorable graphics on Teachers Pay Teachers! 

Check out The Hazel Owl's Teachers Pay Teachers shop here.

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