Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What Do the Songs "Row Your Boat" and "It's A Small World Have in Common?" They Can Help You Memorize your Multiplication Facts...

Last year my students had a lot of difficult remembering some of their multiplication facts... and let's be honest, I had some difficulty remembering a few of them, too.  I remember hating multiplication in school, partly because the way it was taught was never really, well, fun.  I was struggling for a way to teach my kiddos to learn to love, and remember their facts when I ran across a few songs and tricks to help them remember some facts online.  These songs were great, but they didn't cover everything, so I came up with a few new ones.  My students LOVED it.  Every day we would go through our "multiplication songs" and the students really did begin to remember their facts better.  Hurray!  In order to pass the knowledge along, I created a multiplication pack in my Teachers Pay Teachers store with songs, tricks, a fun game, and lots of practice worksheets.  Take a little sneak peek at some page previews and let me know what you think! The full product can be downloaded at the link below. 


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