Thursday, June 13, 2013

We Got By With a LOT of Help From Our Friends

Choosing bridesmaids is a tricky business.  Let's step back a few steps.  My husband and I met while he was working as a cook and I was working as a waitress at a little place called the Bluebird Diner in Iowa City.  It's actually a fantastic little eatery in downtown Iowa City right in the middle of all of the cultural happenings the city has to offer.  Yes, it's Iowa, but you would be surprised how interesting the little microcosm of Iowa City is.  Anyway, essentially, I worked with a ton of my best friends.  Couple that with being in the English Education field and you end up with quite a few girlfriends.  So, regardless of the fact that we limited our guest list so we would have a small wedding we had an enormous wedding party.  While it was a little difficult to manage at times, I wouldn't have changed it for the world. 

After we asked everyone to be in the wedding party, they all graciously offered to buy their own attire.  After a lot of deliberation, the girls pretty much settled on the same dress (my maid of honor chose to wear a different style).  Because I didn't want everything to be too matching, I asked the girls to pick out their own shoes, accessories, and do whatever they pleased with their hair and makeup.  I mean... come on... I'm already asking them to wear a dress that they may not like... it's pretty rude to dictate that they feel even more uncomfortable.  Truth be told, I LOVE the way it turned out. 

Photo taken by the talented Misty Como at Focused Photography.  Check out her website at
Photo taken by Misty Como at Focused Photography.   Strapless tulle embellished tea-length wedding gown is Oleg Cassini from David's Bridal   

Photo taken by Misty Como at Focused Photography.  Dresses worn by the bridesmaids are Alfred Sung D438 in Mango.  Dress worn by the maid of honor is Alfred Sung 462 in Garnet.  All bridesmaid dresses were  ordered from  Personalized hangers for the bridesmaids were ordered from Etsy.
For the groomsmen, we knew it was going to be hot - and let's face it- asking everyone to buy a suit or rent a tux is asking them to incur a pretty big expense.  So our gents wore black pants, fitted white button up shirts, black belts, and black Converse sneakers.  We purchased light blue skinny ties and I made black LEGO tie clips for them. 

The dashing gentleman in their black pants, white shirts, black Converse sneakers, blue skinny ties, and LEGO tie clips.  Photo taken by Misty Como at Focused Photography.
The groomsmen and ushers.  Photo taken by Misty Como at Focused Photography.  The groom's grey suit was ordered from Men's Warehouse.

The men sporting their sneakers.  Photo taken by Misty Como at Focused Photography.
We really could not have been more thankful to everything that all of our friends did to make our wedding the best day ever (in my opinion.) Many of our friends had to travel to get to our wedding, showers, rehearsal and everything else in between.  And the best part was they did it with a smile.  Who could have asked for a better crew. 

If you're looking to make your own LEGO tie clip, the steps are as simple as can be.  I ordered 6x1 LEGO pieces from the LEGO website and blank tie clips off of Etsy.  Use your hot glue gun and in seconds you have LEGO tie clips.  Pretty snazzy, right? 

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