Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tackling Wedding Stationary Without Breaking the Bank

I am a Pinterest addict.  Seriously, the number of pins that I have is embarrassing - well, maybe not for me, because I have no Pinterest shame, but I've been told that I have an embarrassing number of pins and all of this began when we started planning our wedding.  My theory: if I think I might make it, be inspired by it, or use the pin later in some way, I pin it. Well, long story short, I fell in love with all the gorgeous letter press wedding stationary I saw on Pinterest and after a quick trip to a few places around Iowa City I decided that the letter press option was going to be WAY too stinking expensive.  With everything else going on, I definitely was not going to have time to craft all of the invitations, save the date cards, and everything else you have to send out for a wedding, so I went with a suggestion from made by my sister-in-law, I checked out a website called Wedding Paper Divas.  Wedding Paper Divas has great customizable templates at a variety of prices, plus I was really pleased with the fact that someone proofreads your invites before they start the printing process.  In some cases, you also have the opportunity to make everything match.  I wasn't too concerned with this, because we wouldn't be sending everything out at the same time.  So, after we finished ordering everything, we ended up with thank you cards, save the date cards for the wedding, bridal shower invitations, and save the date announcements for a second ceremony we had the day after our wedding.  Remember how I told you we got married on a Friday?  We decided to have a second ceremony, the day after our wedding so anyone not able to come on Friday still had the option of celebrating with us that Saturday.

Here's a look what we used: 

Pictured above is our save the date card for the wedding.
Pictured is the design we used for our save the date for the second, separate reception. 
When you're inviting some people to only the second reception, the wording can be a little tricky.  We chose to call it a celebratory reception.  The wording we used on the back was "Please mark your calendars for an open house reception celebrating our marriage." 

Although the prices on Wedding Paper Divas were pretty affordable, we opted to use kits we found at Michael's to make the formal invitations for the wedding and the separate reception the next day.  We decided to use two different invitations so they would be easier to tell apart.  Keep in mind that you can think outside the box a bit.  We used different ribbon and fonts to make the invitations a little more unique.  If you're looking for some great fonts that you can download for free, check out the cute ones posted on the blog Kevin & Amanda

If you're having a hard time getting those fonts to a useable point on your computer, there are quite a few handy tutorials on YouTube.  

Here's a look at what we used.  Let us know what you think!

The wedding invitations we made from kits found at Michael's art and craft supply store.


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