Thursday, June 20, 2013

Substitute Teacher Binder FREEBIE

As I've mentioned previously, I'm a teacher, but when people ask me what I teach I always find it a little bit difficult to explain.  After going through my program at the University of Iowa, I always had the intention of teaching 5-12 English/Language Arts.  Then my first year teaching I had the great experience of teaching a second grade, fully inclusive classroom at a growing charter in Tucson.  Yes, it was a little unorthodox, but my students and I learned a ton and I learned that I love the younger kiddos just as much as the older ones. Since my husband and I might (fingers crossed) be blessed with the opportunity to move back to Iowa at the end of July, I have no idea what I could end up teaching next year.  With the entire summer off, I've been struggling to come up with classroom ideas that could work for any grade and one was a substitute teacher binder.

I used a similar format last year when I needed substitute teachers to take over my classroom and they LOVED being able to come in, grab the binder, and easily see exactly what they needed to do.  Plus, who doesn't love cheerful polka dots and chevrons?!  I hope the document is helpful!  Don't forget to leave feedback and tell me what you think!

Here's a preview of some of the pages you will get with your download:

You can download this freebie from my Teachers Pay Teachers store at the link below:


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