Monday, June 24, 2013

Homeward Bound

We finally found out we're heading back home!  Photo taken in Saguaro National Park.
Last year my husband and I decided to be adventurous and look all over the U.S. for places to start our careers.  We agreed that we would go wherever the first person found a job, and as luck would have it, I found a teaching job first in Tucson, Arizona.  So, we moved - the day after our wedding...  After we moved, my husband was hired by an amazing company, but we weren't the biggest fans of Tucson.  Sure, it was nice, and a great place to start our adventure together, but we were pretty far away from any family and friends from back home.  Around November, my husband heard that his company could potentially be bidding on a job to start in the Des Moines area, which could mean a transfer that would land us back in Iowa.  We waited and waited and waited for what literally seemed like forever, and now we finally have the final word that we're heading back at the end of July!  We snapped a few pictures to announce the good news to family and friends. Take a peek and share our joy! 

Photo taken in Saguaro National Park.

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